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Who we are?

Hello, my name is Javier Martinez and I am part of a company which is dedicated to providing services to people and groups interested in coming to United Kingdom.

  I am an Engineer by trade with more than 20 years of experience in several different professional roles. However, over the last few years I have been working on projects over seas. 

These projects have meant that I have spent long periods of time in other countries. Due to this, I have a great knowledge of what it is like moving to and working in different countries. Through Your Project Future I am hoping to share this invaluable knowledge with our clients to ensure that their experience is a positive one.

What can we accomplish together?

There are many complexities which come with studying and/or moving to a foreign country. Although it is not impossible, it takes time and effort both personally and financially. We aim to help simplify these complexities for you. When you become one of our clients we handle these issue for you, taking you through the process of settling into a new country. 

Your Project Future can assist you in any of the following areas: To start learning or to improve your English, to find a job or simply to come on holiday and experience the British culture. We offer you guidance and advice along every step of the way.

Our Services

English courses

Either you are an adventure young or
a successful business man, these are your courses!

Our services are split into three main groups. Firstly, we can help you find the right English language course. though our extensive network of schools, we can offer all kinds of course; general English, CAE & IELTS preparation, conversation, business English or technical English for specific roles. We focus on courses for young people who are looking to start a new adventure abroad and they need English, with both technical or specific vocabulary, to progress as a professional. Furthermore we have a wide offer of summer camps or out of season trips for families and/or children all ages. When thinking about myself, I feel that that my English education is reaching its end but our children still have time to learn and flourish in their futures. Whatever your requirements we can be flexible to your suit needs.

Our great advantage is that we have collaborative agreements with several schools which have different specialities and customer profiles so we can select the most suitable courses for your individual needs. Another important point is that you will never pay more for your course than the school would charge if you dealt with them directly. Our prices are exactly the same as the school due to close relationships with the educational institutions we are partners with. More Info


All modalities available
to find the most suitable for you!

Secondly, we can help you find and secure suitable accommodation. This subject is a big deal in the UK. This is a necessity if you come for an English course, looking for a job or simply on vacation and we can arrange this for you. We have a variety of accommodation options from shared houses, individual apartments, living with a native families or Hotels..

More Info

Find a job

We guide in your first steps
in the professional field within the UK!

Thirdly, we also offer our services to help you to find a job. We can orientate you to the correct process, direct you where to look, help with CV building and with acquiring all the necessary documents to work in the UK. Our goal is to give you a personalised treatment according your specific situation and goals. All you have to do is take the first step and contact us with what you are looking for, your aspirations and needs and leave the rest to us. More Info

a life.

If you are sure that your future is in the United Kingdom, your city is Manchester. Click in this banner and let yourself to advice from our professionals. .

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