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International Camps

International Camps

Our star product is our summer camps, where you can truly immerse yourself in English. At least from my own point of view this is one of the best way to do something that to many of us was impossible to do when we were children. I am talking about sending our children abroad to learn English and opening their minds to new cultures.

We offer a section of different destinations within the United Kingdom (Eastbourne, Bethany, Blackpool, Manchester, London and Oxford,…) in beautiful locations either near beaches or countryside where children can play and families can enjoy the English countryside together.

The summer camps are an all inclusive package available for children between 8 - 17 years old. We offer two options:

- The first is living with a native English speaking family during the camp who will take care of the children outside of classes. The children attend English classes in the morning and in the afternoon, enjoy different activities and field trips in the surrounding area. Our host families treat your child like they were their own and welcome them into their own families.

- The second option is a summer camp were a group of children all live together on campus where they eat, sleep and learn English. The campuses are located in picturesque areas, are fully staffed and offer excellent facilities. We all aim to have a good mixture of nationalities so English is the primary local in use. Aside of the services and leisure activities offered onsite, there will also be field trips and guided visits to interesting places in the surrounding area.

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